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Aneurin Bevan University Health Board has developed this website to help the community of ABUHB to look after their bones, joints and muscles.

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How to use this website

Team members have designed a three-step approach to help you understand your options and encourage you to think about all of the things that might be affecting your problem.

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What are MSK problems and have you got one?

The first section will help you clarify what may be causing your bone, muscle or joint pain and which teams may be able to help you if you need assessment quickly.

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What contributes to muscle, bone and joint symptoms?

Team members have designed this three-step approach to help you understand your options and encourage you to think about all of the things that might be affecting your problem. Please work through these to help you make the most appropriate choice based on what matters to you.

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What can I do to help myself?

This section will provide you with information to support you to help yourself.

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What is a Musculoskeletal
(MSK) concern?

Problems with bones, joints, nerves and muscles are often grouped together and called musculoskeletal conditions. Musculoskeletal is often shortened to MSK.

Healthy Lifestyle

Musculoskeletal health is your health. People who are more active and live healthy lifestyles are less likely to suffer with long-term musculoskeletal problems.

Positive Healthy Choices

Making positive healthy choices in your lifestyle not only help keep you mentally and physically well but also help prevent and improve musculoskeletal conditions.

Simple Strategies

Most musculoskeletal conditions are not serious and can be managed with simple strategies described in this website that you can follow without the need for any further help.

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There is a lot more to understand about musculoskeletal health than the area where you may feel pain. This is why we recommend that you work through the three steps

You can also find information below that is more relevant to particular areas of the body.

Body Pain Area

In this section you will find advice and information about particular areas of your body and information about basic exercises and advice to help yourself recover. There is also information on how to seek further help from our services if necessary.

Self Management

Move better, live better

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Further Help

Here to support you

If your pain persists after having practiced the self care routines and excercises, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the NHS.

Community and Therapy Services

Available Support