What is Menopause?

Symptoms of Menopause

Whilst some people may have very minimal symptoms most people will have some of the symptoms of menopause and will affect them in different ways and severity.

So why are we discussing Menopause when it comes MSK health?

For 21% of those going through menopause joint pain will be their primary symptom.  Osteoporosis (weakening of the bones) and sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass and strength) are also very common conditions linked to menopause, which have wider implications on our health.

The good news is exercise, good sleep and a healthy lifestyle have been found to be beneficial in helping reducing the long term impact of osteoporosis, muscle weakness, hot flushes, night sweats, mental health. This is in addition to the wider benefits of exercise on other diseases.

Strengthening exercises are particularly important for improving muscle function and bone health but don’t worry this doesn’t mean having to go to the gym. see the CSP Stronger My Way for ways of incorporating strength exercises into your life.

For cardiovascular, strength and resistance, yoga and Pilates exercise ideas see the NHS fitness Studio.

For further information regarding menopause:

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