It is important that you keep your body moving to stop joints and ligaments feeling stiff and painful and muscles from losing strength.

Mental Health & Stress

Periods of stress are an inevitable part of life. Stress does not just impact you emotionally but also physically and this can change how we feel and respond to pain. Pain in itself can be stressful which can lead to a vicious cycle. Mental Health and Stress management skills are important for managing pain. Some people find techniques such as relaxation, mindfulness meditation, exercise and talking to others helpful.  Putting time aside for yourself to allow you to enjoy activities you find relaxing, such as having a warm bath or reading a good book, can be really beneficial. Go to our section on Mental Health and Wellbeing for more information.

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Live Well With Pain – Living Well Despite Your Pain

Flippin’ Pain

The Pain Toolkit Pain Self Management by Pete Moore

Education Programme for Patients (EPP) support can be very helpful find them on Facebook or the Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO) website.

IF you are a carer, there is support for carers of people with long term conditions through Carers Trust Carers Trust South East Wales